onsdag, mars 16, 2005

[blog] Apple Peels Itself with Blogger Lawsuit

A company so high on its success may get arrogant and loses its shine, as is the case with computer-maker Apple. With its new lawsuit against bloggers, it is just "asking to be loathed and subverted," says the U.K.'s Guardian this morn (3/16).

Via Macworld UK: "The report points to the Cupertino computer maker's renowned secretiveness (it calls this 'corporate paranoia'). Apple's instinct favours 'opacity', it says, adding, 'none of this sits comfortably with those achingly hip, design-conscious products.'

Such criticism follows the decision by a Californian judge that supports Apple's attempt to force Apple Insider, PowerPage and Think Secret to reveal their sources. Sources (apparently numbered at 25 individuals), who have fed fillips of Apple's future plans to an excited audience of Mac users."

In addition, "Was Enron's off-balance sheet funding structure a "trade secret", for instance?" queries the Guardian report. No, of course not, and deep-pocketed corporations in America (and elsewhere) ought not suppress individual critics simply because they do not like their critical opinions. Apple enjoys such a beautiful shine; it would be a shame for this ignomous lawsuit to have that... peeled. (Sorry, couldn't resist. *Teehee*)


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