fredag, mars 11, 2005

[gmail] Free Gmail Accounts! (Free Free Free, We're So Free! Teehee!)

Okay, so Google has seen fit to give me a big ol' bunch of Gmail invitations to hand out, a whole bushel full. They're free email accounts with one whole gigabyte (1 Gb) of storage per user! Man, I'm not sure if Google intended this, but I'd say you could configure it as a spare hard-disk drive, one that you could access anywhere on the net. Cool!

Anyway, I have about forty to forty-five left thirty-four to go, give me a holler, leave a working email address. I'll fill it out the same day, hopefully, and present to the good folks at Google, and you'll get a link to open your own shiny new Gmail account. Simple, except some paperwork for me; but I don't mind. You put up with my foolish ramblings, it's the least I can do. And I sure like feeling generous. Good deed for the week. Very shrewd marketing for the Google Team. Five exclamations they got out of me already. Six!

These invitations have been going around. The grizzled veterans who wanted a Gmail acct have pretty much all got them already, far as I can tell. Certainly the sharpies & sheriffs around here look askance at my youthful exuberance at all this ado --"much ado about, y'know"-- *yawn* Ha, I reply. It's Friday.

It's astonishing that just last summer these invites were auctioned off eBay for hundreds of dollars each; and now, well, even lil' ol' me am privileged enough to have dozens to just hand out. Amazing! (Seven, OK)

This grandiose Blog Title notwithstanding, I have a realistic view of my position in the blogosphere; I am not that far higher than all the other neophytes around here, so if I am deemed worthy of being a tipping point then obviously lots and lots of points have already tipped. But that's okay, as long as I get to play Gladwell myself. No strings attached, no spam to follow, first come first served. You may email me, or put a note at the "Comments" box.

Oh, and (with apologies to Obi-George), May the Blog be With You! Long Live Google, eh? (Yahoo too, of course. MSN, whatever.)

This is the letter Google sent me:
"Invite a friend to Gmail!
We hope you've liked using Gmail. We've definitely been working hard to make it better. Meanwhile, the Gmail family has been growing largely through invitations--sent by users who want to share Gmail with the people they care about. We hope you'll want to as well. Just fill in this form below and we'll send your friends and family invitations to open their own shiny Gmail accounts."
Please note it is Friday. I may be slow on the weekend, ego-tripping elsewhere. Patience.
(Google 8, August 1: Google wins)


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At 20:22, Anonymous Anonym said...

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