fredag, mars 18, 2005

[test] The Commonly Confused Words Test

Some blogger just exulted over his/her "English Genius" rating from taking this Commonly Confused Words Test from a site called, which I've never heard of -- but then there's a lot of good stuff on the net I've yet to find out about. Who knows, this may be one of them, hence this bookmark to come back to later.
From the intro: "Good communication is not necessarily about using an expansive vocabulary. It is about properly using the words and punctuation you already know.
The results of this test will reflect your level of appropriate word usage, with a little bonus test on commonly confused punctuation in one question. "


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At 00:03, Anonymous Anonym said...

Sometimes, these gambles pay off, but there are occasions when they fail miserably,

At 16:14, Anonymous Anonym said...

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