tisdag, mars 15, 2005

[verite] Nicole Richie is Not Stupid! & That was Not a Drug Deal! (So What's in the KissyPouch?)

OK, so *This Set of Candid Photos* looks awfully -- shall we say -- suspect, soupçonneux, even méfiant. But it's mid-street in broad daylight! Dear Nicole, so sophisticated and worldly, réaliser, um, l'photographes, will go *snap-snap-snap* wherever she goes, eh?

May we presume, then, PorscheMan was just handing her his ancient Oriental remedy for overzealous weight-loss. (Well he does look chinoiserie in a silk 'Wood sort of way --Hollywood, that is, swimming pools, movie stars. The Beverly Hillbilly with the sorcerer's stone n' pouch. It's a prop for the next Simple Life. Right. And that's really a '86 Hyundai with a radical trim.) AncientRemedy also most efficacious for big-h addictions. Y'know, big-h and extreme weight-loss, they just go arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand. But let's not needle her, eh, shall we?

"Quote (from EZboard link):
What is Nicole Richie doing? This set of pictures displays suspicious behavior on a desolate street between Nicole and an unknown older man. After reaching into her bag while looking around for onlookers, he hands her a pouch. Following this, she quickly gives him a kiss and walks away. 03 14 05"
EDIT. chinoiserie:: "reflecting Chinese artistic influence." Not just droll, but cut-on-the-bias silky droll. Nicole'd appreciate it, y'know. Pouched or not.
UPDATE. As of 2pm, the EZboard photos are down, reason unknown. If you can't see them there, try this gossip site Popdoh!, who says, "look at the Porsche. Who said crime doesn't pay?"